World of Happiness Summit!

Patrick Soto, Digital Media Director, and I, Jennifer Montes, Digital Media Specialist, had a great opportunity to attend the World of Happiness Summit in Miami this past March. The #WOHAS summit is internationally known and respected for their efforts to encourage individuals to feel, understand and act. Patrick, being one of the board members for the Awesome Foundation, knew what he was stepping into. I, on the other hand, was shocked, yet consistently felt calm and at peace.

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Everyone that was in attendance throughout the weekend was nicer than most strangers you meet in Miami. The summit was sectioned off with rooms for vendors, live questionnaires, presentations, a VIP section and even a playground with swings for adults. The event was filled with speakers and actionable tools to support their daily quest towards happiness. For the three days of the live event, WOHAS opened and closed with meditations offered by lululemon and 75-minute yoga classes each morning. When yoga wasn’t being practiced, we all had access to their digital playground using the most up-to-date technological devices that continued the message that happiness fuels success.

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Happiness experts like Gopi from Google and Vanessa King expressed how important it was to have compassion for yourself and teach us all the 10 keys to happier living. The presentations increased the idea that being happy is a decision made day in and day out. They provoked the audience to reach higher levels of consciousness and strive to be happier with each decision they made.

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The Awesome Foundation, Miami chapter, closed the weekend event on Sunday afternoon. Patrick, AB&A’s Digital Media Director and member of the Awesome Foundation, presented a $1,000 check and explained the meaning behind the Awesome Foundation supporting all things awesome in our hometown, Miami. The World of Happiness Summit is a movement to increase the human right and development of being happy! Not only did they unite different worlds, but it was also the first successful global gathering of happiness.

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-Jennifer Montes, Digital Media Specialist

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