Google Externship

It’s not every day that you’re sitting at work and the phone rings, you hear your coworker put them on hold and say “Hey guys, Google is on the phone and wants to talk to someone about visiting us!” Fast forward a few days and our entire digital team is preparing for Google’s employees to fly in from Silicon Valley, California.

John, Senior Digital Media Specialist here at AB&A, and I were ecstatic and had so many questions. We wanted to make sure we learn any tricks of the trade that Google may keep up their sleeve for exclusive visits like this. Our team prepared questions to make sure we had the opportunity to showcase all of our clients. When we initially received the call, we were told this was a Google Externship for their seasoned employees. The digital team would have two days to meet the “Googlers,” learn the ins and outs of the search engine and its robust tools as well as the best practices when applying them to our client accounts.

Fast forward to the morning we met the Googlers, Lizzie and Tracy. Lizzie and Tracy took an Uber to our office, we introduced ourselves and the Googlers had icebreakers for the team. Following the icebreaker came two days of informative information. We learned how to optimize the current client accounts that we had and optimize their current ads and Adwords. Lizzie and Tracy explained to us in depth about paid search ads, advanced location targeting, desktop versus mobile search ads, benefits of Google shopping and more!



The final hours of day two were filled with fun. The Googlers engaged in our infamous Banana Challenge and called out John on some Google history. Our President, Anthony Baradat, was also interviewed by Lizzie and Tracy for their video presentation on their experience with AB&A Advertising. They had the opportunity to interview him on the history of AB&A Advertising, his history in marketing and the variety of clients we have worked with.

Our experience with Google provided infinite knowledge and was a great opportunity for AB&A Advertising to connect with the acclaimed search engine. John and I are now consistently referring back to our notes from this extensive training experience. We can only hope that AB&A is fortunate to have this experience again in the future!

-Jennifer Montes, Digital Media Specialist

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