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As an online-based retailer, All Vet Supply in recent years has seen a rise in competition from large brick and mortar chains moving their focusing more to online sales, driving up competition. With over 1000 products on their website, All Vet was seeking an advertising partner who could help focus their advertising efforts and grow their business.



Prior to launching the new campaign, ab+a conducted an audit and complete reorganization of All Vet’s digital ad campaigns. By implementing a new structure we were able to create accurate testing and optimize of all advertising campaigns under a controlled environment. Then combining previous sales data with our competitor analysis and seasonal influences, ab+a developed an ad placement and bid strategy that maximized purchasing trends, competitive advantages and seasonal search trends. Measuring the performance of each campaign against sales numbers and conversion rates we priorities growth of the digital footprint on products with the greatest opportunities, using bid modifiers during key those moments that influence the customer's decision making.



In year two with ab+a as its agency partner, All Vet Supply saw a 27% sales increase from the year prior to joining up with ab+a. With ab+a’s dynamic ad strategies in full swing, All Vet Supply continues to see its sales numbers flourish, setting new sales records.


sales increase

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