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lead generation

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Despite 20 years of experience Cousins Air suffered from a common issue in their industry: constant calls from price shoppers, resulting in low-end jobs.



ab+a orchestrated a new brand positioning to capture new, higher end clientele by focusing on the attributes that best resonate with the target audience. We worked with the client to integrate these features into their routine service program. Then through key media placement - TV, radio, and web concepts we connected the message to our target audience.  Our digital experts honed in on the new audiences geotargeting upscale communities and delivering our message from start to finish of the customer’s digital journey.



By repositioning the brand and proactively seeking out the preferred customers ab+a within the first year drove dramatic performance results compared to the previous year.

  • 60% increase in total calls

  • 133% increase leads from Paid Ads

  • 38% degrees in cost per lead (CPA) from Paid Ads

  • 95% increase in website traffic year-over-year.

  • 42% increase in organic traffic


The client had to grow its service staff by 33% just to handle the growth in leads.


 increase in calls


 increase in paid ads


degrees in CPA


 increase in web traffic


increase in organic traffic

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