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When one of the nation’s top pediatric hospitals, Miami Children’s Hospital, decided to change their name to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital there was a lot at stake. For over 30 years Miami Children’s Hospital was recognized both for its high quality of care and as a bedrock institution within the local community. ab+a Advertising was tasked creating a smooth transition that raised awareness of the change, highlighted the new brand’s value, while helping grow the hospital’s position as the go-to place for pediatric care in South Florida. 



Understanding the emotional connection to the community, AB+A created a series of campaigns that guided consumers on an emotional journey to recognize that the hospital would continue to be there when it matters, providing the excellent care they had come to expect. The campaign tag “For Health. For Life.” was developed to reinforce feelings of stability and continuity, while emphasizing that the hospital is a family’s partner through many phases of life.

As community awareness grew the rebranding campaigns evolved to highlight the opportunities and value coming to families.  Through the generous gift by Jack and Barbara Nicklaus, the hospital was expanding its service offers, providing excellent care to more patients.

To maximize impact, the media team strategically integrated the campaigns in places where the message would connect emotionally with key demographics within the community while also highlighting the stature of the brand in both primary and secondary markets.
The intertwining of the emotional message with a clear value proposition within the strategic media plan helped solidify the new Nicklaus Children’s Hospital brand as a cornerstone member of both local families and within the communities it served.



Over the last 5 years Nicklaus Children’s Hospital has seen a market share increase of 25.8%.


 increase in market share

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