Where is Twitter Going Now?

Where is Twitter Headed Now

Google, meet Twitter. Twitter, meet Google.

Even though we were once told that social signals don’t matter, we might have to revisit that line of thinking. Maybe Matt Cutts from Google was messing with us? I don’t mind being messed with now that it might have a positive impact in how I market for clients and for myself as well. Increased visibility will never be a bad thing. Unless you’re Tinder; then you really need to keep a low profile for a few more days. We’re still upset about your planned meltdown a few weeks back.

The minds behind Google and Twitter finally got together and rolled out an important piece of search technology that we have been lacking for quite some time: the ability to see tweets in Google search results. “Hallelujah!” some would say. The program was first tested on mobile in May on their Google application and after some tinkering and probing, this game-changing announcement was made – it’s now ready for desktop too. These searches don’t yet drive traffic or link juice to your site, but if Google lends credence to the value of your tweets in search now, maybe that’s the next obvious step for them to take.

Thanks Google. Thank you so, so very much.

“What it means is that tweets will show up in a carousel in the main column of search results when they are relevant. Twitter isn’t required for people to see the tweets; those who click through while not being signed onto Twitter will be taken to the network’s logged out experience.” [Source: Marketing Land]

The question is “how?” How do they go about shifting to a web search paradigm that apparently focuses on the usage of microblogging as a search topic source after discrediting the value for so long? “Tweets didn’t drive traffic” but suddenly they’re valuable to your marketing if social media is a major component, which is should be. Don’t get me started on that, okay?

We’ve known for quite some time what blogs and news sites index well (read: valuable news sources and not spammy/gross sites) and you could see the results right there on the front page of Google. Social accounts and tweets indexing means that Google figured out a way to illustrate the importance of a platform and a service that was gaining traction with an older demographic, but is looking to truly validate itself outside of event-based strategies (think: “The Grammys” or “Super Bowl commercials” tweet volume and velocity analysis.) For Twitter and Google alike, this was an incredible move.

How do you move forward from here? First, don’t just tweet about random trending topics and hope that you’re going to eventually show up on the front page of Google. For quite some time, Google has illustrated a pentient for pushing valuable content to consumers when it feels natural and conversational. Can they somehow fit the number of retweets or favorites that a tweet gets into the equation? Surely there’s a plan for that in the future, but right now, let’s just rejoice that this giant leap was taken and we can wait on the smaller steps later on.

Twitter Trends in Tweets

But wait, there’s more Twitter news!

Something cool is rolling out and it falls directly in the middle of now interim-CEO Jack Dorsey’s tenure. Twitter is now toying with having trending topics included in tweets dynamically. Not sure what that means?

Tweet about something that’s trending and you will now see this:


Untitled[Modified from BuzzFeed post]

There’s now a clear path of discovery through Twitter via hashtags and trending topics. Are you thinking about getting into a very general conversation about something trending as a brand or individual? Cool. There’s even more value and chance for discovery now. The topics on Twitter run the gamut from jokes about movie titles with hilarious adjustments (think Burger King’s Lord of the Onion Rings) to #tbt (okay, it’s “Throwback Thursday” and so help me Twitter God if you didn’t know that.) In the first example, your ability to get in on the trend will now bear the “#MakeaMovieTasteGood is trending” mark. So those trending topics that you adopt, content jack and sometimes create yourself will now be trackable from within the tweet.

Want to see what else is being said in the topic you just saw Burger King talk about? Just one click and you’re in the clickstream. It makes for an amazing opportunity for content creation and discovery for brands, as if a company or individual thinks like Burger King did above, there will be an increased chance of discovery for all of their future posts (due to the potential for increased followers as well.)

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