What You Need To Know About Twitter Chats

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We live in a world filled with hashtags. One of the latest things to happen on Twitter are Twitter chats. It all starts with a simple hashtag. With that it generates conversation and connection with people to their brands. However, starting your own Twitter chat can be a little complicated. But don’t worry, we’ve outlined some helpful hints that can help you get your very own business to consumer chat started!

  1. Why are you starting this chat? Twitter is known for have create a sense of “space” in it’s chaos. Go in with a clear view. Have a game plan.
  2. Do as the Romans do. Learn the lingo. One of the best ways to do this simply by joining one. Therefore you’re able to see that ins and outs of how they work.
  3. Do your research. Find out what your key audience is looking for. Find out what gets them excited. Finding out their demographics and interest will help you tailor your chat to what they want to hear.
  4. Keep it simple and to the point. Make sure your messages are brief, concise and make audiences WANT to interact and contribute.
  5. Timing is everything. Figure out when or how often you want to host these chats. Every week? Once a month? Try looking at when your account gets the most interaction and try to center it around that time period.
  6. But now here’s the real question: what should your hashtag be? This needs to be chosen carefully. Make sure that it’s simple, concise and conveys meaning. Find your own unique angle. Keep the characters low. Stay away from abbreviation and acronyms. Don’t forget to get another pair of eyes on your hashtag once it’s established, because hashtag flubs with alternate meanings DO happen and can ruin reputations!
  7. Cross promotion is key! Take to the hills, err- your other social media accounts and let your audiences know when, where and why your Twitter chat is happening. Get them excited. Then get them participating!
  8. Use basic etiquettes. Welcome the participants to the chat and have them introduce themselves. Once you’ve completed that, make sure you’re on to questions and answers. Push the conversation along and retweet the best answers. Close your chat by thanking them and setting up your next chat.
  9. Make sure to curate some of the best responses and conversation for later reference. Your chat will require constant tweaks along the way to suit the every changing community.
  10. Give a recap! Not everyone is going to be able to make it to your stellar Twitter chat. Some people are swamped at work, while others simply just didn’t get the memo. Grab some screenshots or key takeaway items from the Twitter conversation and share them in a blog post across your networks to ensure that future prospects are still able to learn from your valuable knowledge.

With these tips, you’ll be able to host your own chat. Happy Tweeting!

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Alisa Pazos is an Social Media Coordinator at AB&A Advertising. She is a pizza lover, gangster napper, travel enthusiast, and loves caraoke (car karaoke).

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