The Making of a Successful Facebook Live Event

A unique opportunity came up recently for the AB&A team to utilize one of Facebook’s newer features, Facebook Live video streaming. If you haven’t tried this option yet on your feed, it’s as simple (and complicated) as pressing a button and engaging with your followers on the go. Here is how we put together a live event for one of our clients, Florida International University’s (FIU) Biomedical Engineering Department, during their 2016 Senior Design Day.

The FIU Biomed Department has some of the hardest working students and every year they gather together to share products they have created to help health-related industries. Many of these projects end up patented, paving the way to bring aid to all kinds of health concerns. The students, group sponsors and families of those involved are very invested in the success of the Biomedical Engineering majors at FIU so we knew we had a unique opportunity to share this event with everyone that wanted to watch from home.


How to Set Up a Facebook Live Event


First things first, you need to let your Facebook users know that you will be going “live” ahead of time. This will help bring some anticipation to your current followers and can help you gain additional likes on your page if you let your Twitter and Instagram followers know that this will be an exclusive Facebook Live video.

Then, when you click “go live” in your status update, add a video description so that your viewers will know what the live video feed is going to discuss. All live videos are archived in your video tab on Facebook and added as a normal page update so having accurate information in this area is crucial for current and future viewers.


What to Do Once You are Live


Introductions are recommended at the start of all Facebook Live videos, as well as asking your viewers to click on the follow button at the bottom of the screen. This way your most interested users will be notified the next time you go live, even if they miss your post discussing your next live event.

For the FIU Biomedical Engineering Senior Design Day, we live streamed the introduction to the event as well as each group’s actual presentations and their exit interviews in separate videos. Breaking things up this way made it easier for parents and family members at home to watch the presentation that featured their child, increasing our video impressions. When we started this live event you could only go live for 15 minute intervals, so some separation between the videos was also a necessity, but with the new update you can now live-stream on Facebook for 90 minutes at a time, making continuous longer Facebook Live broadcasts possible.

With longer live-streams, if there are natural breaks in what you have to say, it’s a great idea to state that in a little summary at the beginning of your broadcast so that viewers watching after the video is archived can skip ahead when they want to go to another topic.


The Results


For FIU’s Biomedical Engineering Department, the implementation of these videos gave them an overall impression increase of 271.38% over the previous month. Not only that, but their engagement on posts that month went up 319.13%. Those are not numbers that you see every day.

Overall, we can see that sharing something important to FIU’s students, something that parents, friends and family members would want to see through Facebook Live video streaming created monumental increases for our client. These simple applications can be applied across so many different industries, so give it a shot with your Facebook page soon.





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