Succeeding with Non-Profit Accounts

It’s safe to say we live in a money-driven society and mostly all businesses expect to receive compensation for their services. This applies to advertising agencies as well, but behind agencies are people with hearts and professionals who strive to give back to the community.

Advertising agencies are great in making differences throughout the community and for all types of organizations. Take us for example. AB&A is proud to work with non-profit accounts. We’ve worked with these clients for years and look forward to working with them for a lifetime.

One such account is Miami Lighthouse for the Blind. Founded in 1931, Miami Lighthouse for the Blind is Florida’s premier rehabilitation organization for serving the blind and visually impaired. They teach visually impaired individuals incredible skills, like arts and crafts, playing musical instruments and how to use a computer. We proudly work with Miami Lighthouse in managing their social media accounts and coming up with cool digital initiatives. In 2016, AB&A received a plaque from Miami Lighthouse for Volunteer of the Year. We were thrilled to receive such an honor! Pro-bono accounts like this one can be extremely rewarding because we feel connected to the community.

FLIPANY is a non-profit account I am truly proud to manage. FLIPANY stands for Florida Introduces Physical Activity and Nutrition to Youth. Every year, AB&A creates most of their advertising deliverables. From billboards to e-blasts and from sponsorship packets to social media images, we provide them with the marketing support they need. Every year, FLIPANY hosts a Chefs Up Front event, which raises funds to help feed children in the community. We are helping them, which in turns helps the community.

The latest addition to the club is the Awesome Foundation Miami! Adding more AWESOME to AB&A. The Awesome Foundation isn’t an average foundation. The Miami Chapter of Awesome Foundation is composed of diverse locals who invest in making a positive impact in the community. One of those diverse locals is our very own Digital Director, Patrick Soto! If you have an idea or project that is innovative, helpful, exciting and impacts people in a positive way… then submit your application to the Awesome Foundation. Every month, the Foundation grants $1,000 to the most awesome concept, no strings attached! AB&A is thrilled to be working with Awesome Foundation and curating content for all of their social media channels, from Facebook to Twitter.

So you may be asking yourself, why do advertising agencies do pro-bono work? Well…

  • Many of these businesses are non-profit organizations or start-up companies. They have a vision and aspire to better the community. So why not help them? Let’s remember that every advertising agency started with one person, just like these start-up companies.
  • Not only are we helping these businesses, but also this helps us. Pro-bono accounts boost an agency’s profile in the business community. They are eternally grateful for your help, so pro-bono clients will speak very highly of you. It’s a win + win!
  • We are part of the community and growing within the community as we do work like this. All advertising is local.
  • It’s refreshing, truly. Having a new project and doing something different is exciting for the design team!

There are many benefits in having pro-bono clients. Be open with them and set realistic expectations. Discuss their goals and what they envision before beginning any work. Obtain all specifications needed in order to move the project along to the specific team in your agency. Effective communication is the absolute key.

Last but not least, have fun! You’re making a difference by having a pro-bono client.

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