AB&A does social media that matters
Outperforming the competition daily

We believe in getting the job done, one post at a time. With an on-site, dedicated and experienced social media coordination team, we drive views and increase engagement via “social currency,” page likes, tweets, retweets, comments and shares. Need some love on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube pages? We offer bespoke strategies suited to fit every one of your goals.

At AB&A, we customize and monitor content on all of your digital touchpoints, offering reputation management, social media management, content creation and analytics. We open doors for your brand with our experience as the top social advertising agency in Miami; we interact with potential consumers, opening and curating conversations, responding to reviews, publishing comments and answering questions. After thorough strategic analysis, we customize each Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook advertising campaign to what works for the client and their business.

AB&A conducts a monthly statistical analysis of the successes across all social media platforms. How did Facebook perform this month compared to last? What about Twitter? Instagram? We have those answers and use that data to power a unique social approach that delivers a return on every relationship built.

We’re proud to consider ourselves among the best social media management teams in Miami, one that will not only partner with your brand and take a stake in your success, but that understands your unique business goals. If you want an advertising agency that understands digital marketing, look no further.

Want to learn more? Reach out: hello@abaadvertising.com