Pokémon GO Leads to Internet Chaos and Too Much Damn Walking!

It’s nuts! Forget the Kardashians, Pokémon is officially going to break the Internet!

Ever since Pokémon GO launched about a week ago it is been gobbling up bandwidth.  Not just on cellphones across America by Poke-Zombies, wandering aimlessly around neighborhoods staring at their screens, but on the Internet everywhere.

Like many, I often wake up and check a few things on social media before starting the day. Snapchat, of course, had a few stories mentioning it. Reddit’s /r/pokemongo/ already has over 422,000 subscribers, Instagram: had 924,938 photos using #PokemonGO as of this morning, and you can’t scroll through a Facebook timeline without running into at least six stories about Pokémon.

Trying to be a little more productive by checking out financial news? Did you know the success of Pokémon GO has lead to Nintendo shares jumping up 25%? Even Forbes has tips for getting started with the app and restaurants are taking advantage of the Lure Module to get more people to eat at their business.

Feel like doing a little online shopping during Amazon Primeday? It’s not too early to pre-order your Pokémon GO Plus band!

The online world is freaking out and no Kardashian has even taken off their top today!  Work productivity is dropping. People are being robbed at gunpoint while using the app and even Pokémon GO Nudes (NSFW) have become a thing.

On the plus side, this new sensation might actually be good for us! According to SimilarWeb, the average time per day spent on Pokémon GO is 43 minutes. The next highest app on the list is WhatsApp clocking in at 30 minutes, followed by Instagram (25 minutes) and Snapchat (nearly 23 minutes). Not only is that impressive for any game or app, it’s an extra 43 minutes of physical activity we didn’t have to dread before doing it.

How Pokemon GO is taking over the world

So, of course, I had to try it.  After successfully collecting a Squirtle at work I found myself searching my neighborhood last night to see what other Pokémon were lurking. Thirty minutes, 2000 steps (according to my FitBit) and two Pokémon captured I headed home. What you’ve been hearing is true! It’s fun, addictive, gets you off your butt… Living in Miami, I just wish they released this game any other time of year besides July.


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