How to Track Pinterest Follower Analytics – Viraltag Review

How does Viraltag work for Pinterest?

If you are anything like us, you haven’t been able to find a reasonably-priced social media scheduling tool that gives an easily digestible Pinterest follower analytics and Pinterest repin analytics. That is, until we tried Viraltag.

The current in-house analytics features on Pinterest only display averages per day over impressions, repins, and clicks and for our clients we like to share a bigger picture that also involves changes in followers. This is where Viraltag comes in.

What is Viraltag?

Viraltag is a social scheduler for Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Facebook. We specifically use this platform for Pinterest and based on the other reviews we have read, many users are flocking to this platform for Pinterest specifically.

Why Pinterest Scheduling is a Big Deal

Most users are active on Pinterest in the evening and on the weekends, basically anytime that isn’t normal working hours. If you are pinning for another company, you aren’t reaching most of the users when they are actually online. This is where Pinterest scheduling is important. Through Viraltag you can do all of your pins while at work and then they end up populating your account when most of your demograph is online.

How to schedule pinterest posts in advance

Your Pinterest queue is easily viewable on Viraltag, so you can make sure all of your bases are covered.

Viraltag’s extensions make it easy to schedule Pins from all over the web

With the Google Chrome Viraltag extension, whenever I see an article or image that I want to add to Pinterest I can click on that extension and add it to my Pinterest queue or a specific time of day. In the Viraltag settings, you can pick a queue for your pins so that content is going up at the same time every evening.

How Viraltag shares Pinterest analytics

Track Pinterest followers using Viraltag

Viraltag creates easy to digest graphs that can show the amount of pins you’ve added, how may repins, the amount of Pinterest followers gained, as well as likes and comment data over a specific period. You can customize the graph to show data over a specific period of time or other set dates like this month, last month, all time, and more.

How much does Viraltag cost?

How much does Viraltag cost?

To get started, there is a 14-day free trial for both the individual and small business accounts so you can decide for yourself whether or not the application is worth subscribing to the monthly plan for your content site or business. And even better, if you have a blog where you feel comfortable posting reviews, you can get Viraltag for free for six months if you share your opinion on the service on your blog and on social media (like we are doing in this post).

So whether or not you are specifically looking for Pinterest follower analytics or need a Pinterest scheduler so you can still promote engagement on your account when you are not in the office – Viraltag may be for you. Check out their free trial and start pinning.

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