Good Morning India!

No seriously, good morning to all of our followers from India.

Have you ever landed on a social media page and thought, “How did they get all of those followers?” Then, once you investigate their page and possibly check out their insights, you find out that the majority of their followers are from the other side of the world.

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Though this brand has more United States followers, nine out of ten of the cities that are active on this page are from outside of the country.

You (or your client) aren’t the only ones! Even your favorite Brand Ambassadors and Social Media influencers with the largest following have an audience out of their targeted demographic. There are apps provided that encourage the audience to like other accounts connected and they will receive a certain amount of likes back on whichever post they select from their own account. What does this mean? This means that even the likes on their post aren’t sincere nor do they provide any return on the investment for the company.

Here are some of the ways I have worked around this issue and also prevented it:

  1. Never purchase followers for your social media accounts!
  2. Make sure that the companies’ Facebook and Instagram pages are business accounts so you can always view the demographic that follows them and engages with their posts. Use this as a resource for future posts, timing and how to speak to the audience.
  3. If you find that your followers are nowhere near the audience that you’re product is targeted to, then find out what timeframe they’re located in and start posting at the opposite time or the time that caters to your targeted audience.
  4. Create Facebook boosted posts and Instagram ads promoting your brand. Make sure that you use the best strategy possible by targeting the desired audience and posting at the same time zone as the area that they are in.
  5. If you want followers, share the love and follow other accounts too! Take the time to do the research and follow similar accounts with an audience that would most likely enjoy your online campaigns, products and social storytelling.
  6. Use the explore option on Instagram to engage with other accounts and potential new followers.

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After a couple of months of following this strategy, be sure to frequently clean out your followers, check for any spam accounts and look for any competitor accounts to see how you measure against the competition when it comes to engagement on posts. Whenever you see a comment that states “Want more followers?” or when you click on their profile and it shows that they’re not in the desired demographic, I would recommend for you to make sure you’re not following them and block their account from following you. There’s no point in having these followers if they won’t benefit from your product or have no interest in your brand.

For any additional tips, tricks or if you’ve gone through the experience, feel free to leave a comment or send us a message on social media to see how we can help you. Visit our social media pages to connect with us online!

-Jennifer Montes, Digital Media Specialist

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